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Top 10 Most Rated

Stalls Description
5.0 3 votes KTPH (Foodcourt)
Yong Tau Foo (Halal)
Healthy and delicious, Gan Hock Lim Halal Yong Tau Foo is always a welcoming choice for all! Spoil yourself with our large variety of fresh ingredients, dry or soup!
5.0 3 votes KTPH (Foodcourt)
The Soup Spoon+
Offers health-conscious diners the option to create their own salad on top of existing soups, sandwiches and salad menu. Located on the mezzanine floor, diners will get to enjoy wholesome soup meals in a private space.
5.0 1 votes Downtown East (Food Court)
Yong Tau Foo
You'll be spoilt for choice with the amazing spread of Yong Tau Foo items! Have your dish just the way you want it - dry or with soup, with noodles or rice - the possibilities are endless!
5.0 1 votes Downtown East (Food Court)
Korean Cuisine
Tasting this lovely spread of Korean food is a quick and easy way to experience Korean culture without the hassle of flying there.
5.0 1 votes Downtown East (Food Court)
Ban Mian
Savour the unique taste of handmade noodles! Take your pick from the various dishes available here such as Ban Mian, Big Prawn You Mian and Tom Yum Mee Hoon Kuey!
5.0 1 votes Downtown East (Food Court)
Drinks Stall
A selection of your favourite beverages, Desserts, Juices and Cut Fruits.
4.8 24 votes Hougang Capeview (Coffee Shop)
Hot and Cold Beverages, Tim Sum

4.7 34 votes Hougang Capeview (Coffee Shop)
Economical Bee Hoon

4.7 101 votes Hougang Capeview (Coffee Shop)
Roasted Delights

4.6 25 votes Hougang Capeview (Coffee Shop)
Fishball Noodles