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Top 10 Most Rated

Stalls Description
5.0 2 votes Kebun Baru Court (Coffee Shop)
Zi Char (Opening Soon!)

5.0 2 votes Kebun Baru Court (Coffee Shop)
Drinks Stall
A selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks.
5.0 3 votes Ghim Moh Edge (Coffee Shop)
Vegetarian Cuisine
Indulge in an array of vegetables and non-meat dishes here!
4.8 4 votes Kallang Wave Mall (Food Court)
Mixed Rice
A balanced diet and definitely very value for money! Spoil yourself with our huge range of scrumptious cooked vegetables, fish and meat choices!
4.7 38 votes Changi Airport Terminal 4
Beverages, Fruits & Desserts
Enjoy traditional breakfast set just like the locals do - 2 slices of kaya toast, 2 soft-boiled eggs and a cup of hot kopi/teh (local coffee/tea).
4.7 21 votes Angsana Breeze (Coffee Shop)
Roasted Delights
Tender and juicy roasted duck meat, roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken are served with homemade sweet-savory sauces
4.7 3 votes Ghim Moh Edge (Coffee Shop)
Zi Char
Bring your family and friends to share these value-for-money and tasty fresh cooked seafood dishes and other stir-fry dishes.
4.6 5 votes Sembawang (Food Court)

4.6 12 votes Angsana Breeze (Coffee Shop)
Dim Sum
There is always time for your favourite bite-sized snacks.
4.6 122 votes KTPH (Foodcourt)
Japanese Tea Rice
Japanese Tea Rice serves up a healthy, delectable range of Ochazuke dishes. Ochazuke, as its name suggests, is a simple rice dish that combines Japanese green tea (ocha), steamed rice and an assortment of savoury ingredients (zuke means submerged). Must-try dishes include Tuna Ochazuke Set with Brown Rice and Yakitori Chicken Ochazuke Set with Brown Rice.