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Top 10 Most Rated

Stalls Description
5.0 2 votes Kebun Baru Court (Coffee Shop)
Drinks Stall
A selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks.
5.0 4 votes Ghim Moh Edge (Coffee Shop)
Vegetarian Cuisine
Indulge in an array of vegetables and non-meat dishes here!
4.8 4 votes Kallang Wave Mall (Food Court)
Mixed Rice
A balanced diet and definitely very value for money! Spoil yourself with our huge range of scrumptious cooked vegetables, fish and meat choices!
4.8 8 votes Tampines Green Forest (Coffee Shop)
Fishball Noodles
One will be able to find a tasty selection of fishball noodles here!
4.7 38 votes Changi Airport Terminal 4
Beverages, Fruits & Desserts
Enjoy traditional breakfast set just like the locals do - 2 slices of kaya toast, 2 soft-boiled eggs and a cup of hot kopi/teh (local coffee/tea).
4.7 21 votes Angsana Breeze (Coffee Shop)
Roasted Delights
Tender and juicy roasted duck meat, roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken are served with homemade sweet-savory sauces
4.6 5 votes Ghim Moh Edge (Coffee Shop)
Rice Garden
Offers a whole array of dishes at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy. Choose from chicken, pork, squid, prawns or vegetables; and have your meal just the way you want it!
4.5 124 votes KTPH (Foodcourt)
Japanese Tea Rice
Japanese Tea Rice serves up a healthy, delectable range of Ochazuke dishes. Ochazuke, as its name suggests, is a simple rice dish that combines Japanese green tea (ocha), steamed rice and an assortment of savoury ingredients (zuke means submerged). Must-try dishes include Tuna Ochazuke Set with Brown Rice and Yakitori Chicken Ochazuke Set with Brown Rice.
4.5 180 votes Yew Tee (Coffee Shop)
Malay Cuisine
The meat and vegetable dishes are all cooked with the perfect balance of herbs and spices to create yummy food with must-try flavours!
4.5 2 votes Bukit Batok Skyline II (Coffee Shop)
Fishball Noodles
One will be able to find a tasty selection of fishball noodles here!