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Tampines Green Forest (Coffee Shop)

Stalls Description
2.3 8 votes Indian Cusine
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One can find a plethora of popular fish, chicken, mutton curries, dahls and vegetables as well as lovely fried rice, mee goreng and bee hoon goreng dishes.
3.5 4 votes Western Cuisine
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Indulge in an array of Western delights of great taste and quality.
4.3 3 votes Ban Mian
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The ban mian or handmade noodles in rich and hearty soup, comes with a choice of minced pork or fish slices, egg, chye sim and ikan bilis.
4.0 2 votes Roasted Delights
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Tender and juicy roasted duck meat, roasted pork, char siew and roasted chicken are served with homemade sweet-savory sauces
4.3 3 votes Fishball Noodles
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One will be able to find a tasty selection of fishball noodles here!
4.3 3 votes Drinks
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A selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks.
4.0 5 votes Seafood
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Bring your family and friends to share these value-for-money and tasty fresh cooked seafood dishes and other stir-fry dishes.
3.2 6 votes Rice Garden
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Offers a whole array of dishes at affordable prices for everyone to enjoy. Choose from chicken, pork, squid, prawns or vegetables; and have your meal just the way you want it!
3.2 6 votes Dim Sum
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There is always time for your favourite bite-sized snacks.