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FairPrice Hub (Food Court)

Stalls Description
4.1 23 votes Halal Nasi Padang and Indonesian Cuisine
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Fancy a feast of Malay and Indonesian delights? From our juicy Ayam Goreng to our aromatic and Mee Laksa, this is a MUST TRY!
3.7 36 votes Halal Western Cuisine
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Satisfy your craving with something different! Our yummy-licious Western delights will excite and leave you wanting for more! French fries, anyone?
2.2 17 votes Halal Thai & Vietnamese Cuisine
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Craving for authentic Thai food right in the Jurong Industrial District? Fret not! We bring these must-try dishes e.g. Mango Glutinous Rice, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice and Basil Rice to you!
2.5 13 votes Halal Vegetarian Cuisine
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Vegetarian food is gaining popularity as many people realized its health benefits. Do try out Soon’s vegetarian dishes which are prepared fresh and replenished with strict regularity.
4.4 110 votes Halal Japanese & Korean Cuisine
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Fans of Japanese and Korean cuisine, rejoice! Whether it is the Saba Fish Set or a Bento Set, you will be able to find your favourite dish at this one-stop stall at affordable prices!
4.1 9 votes Halal Yong Tau Foo
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You'll be spoilt for choices with the amazing spread of Yong Tau Foo items at the award-winning Lim's Yong Tau Foo! Have your dish just the way you want it - dry or with soup, with noodles or rice - the possibilities are endless!
2.7 11 votes Halal Indian Food
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Famed for their signature Biryani Rice, Akka’s Curry is definitely a must-try for all Indian food lovers out there! Do check out their extensive range of Set Meals and Sizzling Meals as well for the complete authentic dining experience that will surely leave you satisfied.
3.4 22 votes Ban Mian & Fish Soup
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Savour the unique taste of handmade noodles only at Foodfare @ FairPrice Hub! Take your pick from the various dishes available here such as their signature Ban Mian, Dumpling Ban Mian and Seafood Soup with Rice!
1.7 7 votes Roasted Delights
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Meat lovers will be pleased to try Xiang Yao Ji's roasted meats. Must-try items are their Roast Duck, Chicken & Char Siew Rice and Duck Drumstick Noodles. The roasted meats are intensely flavored and the skins are roasted to a crunchy texture.
1.4 14 votes Economical Rice
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A balanced diet and definitely very value for money! Spoil yourself with our huge range of cooked vegetables, fish and meat choices!
3.3 14 votes Drink Counter
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A wide selection of affordable beverages, scrumptious Bao and snacks, desserts, fruits and fruit juice awaits you here! Also available here is the legendary NTUC Breakfast Set to make your mornings just right!