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MBFC (Food Court)

Besides addressing the most essential dining needs of workers in the city, Foodfare @ MBFC Tower 3 is designed to be an all-day dining and lifestyle destination for those working in the area.  Housing a sports bar and lounge that provides a spot for workers in the area to unwind, the food loft features highlights such as a floor-to-ceiling ‘biscuit wall’, over-sized floor lamps, electronic LED tickers that feature breaking news and financial updates from Thomson Reuters, and a wall of television screens that display a variety of news, sports and entertainment channels to enhance the dining experience for the busy working executives. Corporate companies here at MBFC and around the CBD can also look forward to utilising the food loft space here for staff and corporate events.

For the busy professionals, beat the queue and order online for your takeaways at www.foodfareonline.com with your Plus! cards! Proceed to the fast lane to pick up your item.

Address: 12 Marina Boulevard, #02-01/04, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, Singapore 018982
Operating Hours: 7.30am - 9.00pm (Weekdays); 7.30am - 3.00pm (Saturdays); Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Stalls Description
3.7 9 votes Drink Counter
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Besides the usual hot and cold beverages, we also offer healthier, refreshing options such as fresh fruit juices to complete your meal. Looking for something light in the morning? Choose from our breakfast menu including the NTUC Breakfast Set (1 hot kopi/teh, 2 soft-boiled eggs and 1 slice of freshly-toasted kaya bread), cereal with fruits and plain baguette with scrambled eggs to fill your tummy. Indulge in our teatime special of hot kopi or teh and a slice of cake of your choice!
3.5 76 votes Yong Tau Foo
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You'll be spoilt for choices with the amazing spread of Yong Tau Foo items at the award-winning Lim's Yong Tau Foo! Have your dish just the way you want it - dry or with soup, with noodles or rice - the possibilities are endless!
2.4 52 votes Indonesian Soup
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One of the best kinds of comfort food!
4.0 237 votes Copper Chimney
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Relish the authentic Indian experience brought to you by Chefs from India demonstrating the diversity of its influences, not only in culture but also in its food. With a wide selection of North Indian dishes, one will be spoilt for choice! The butter chicken, chicken tika and buttery naan are a few of the popular dishes.
2.8 64 votes Vegetarian
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Vegetarian food is gaining popularity as many people realized its health benefits. Do try out these vegetarian dishes which are prepared fresh and replenished with strict regularity.
2.7 62 votes Korean Cuisine
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Fans of Korean cuisine, rejoice! Whether it is the saba fish set, bibimbap, or kimchi la mian, you will be able to find your favourite dish at this one-stop stall at affordable prices!
2.7 90 votes Fish Soup & Ban Mian
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Craving for something light and soupy? You will be able to find a tasty selection of fish soup and handmade noodle dishes here. Served in flavourful broth and good quality ingredients, you will be spoilt for choice!
2.9 52 votes Japanese Cuisine
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Treat yourself to authentic Japanese Cuisine right here in the heartlands at Foodfare @ MBFC! From Teriyaki Chicken Set to Salmon Teriyaki + Katsu Bento Set, the dishes here will definitely make you go oishii!
2.2 62 votes Indonesian Grill
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Fancy authentic Indonesian dishes such as scrumptious Ayam Penyet or flavourful Bihun Bakso? Find these delights and more only at Indonesian Grill at Foodfare @ MBFC!
1.5 145 votes Roasted Delights
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Meat lovers will be pleased to try Xiang Yao Ji's roasted meats. Must-try items are their Roast Duck, Chicken & Char Siew Rice and Duck Drumstick Noodles. The roasted meats are intensely flavored and the skins are roasted to a crunchy texture.
2.3 46 votes Traditional Soup
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Offering a wholesome selection of traditional double-boiled soups, customers will benefit from the nourishing properties of each soup. Savour the goodness in the traditional double-boiled soups all brewed with premium ingredients.
2.2 28 votes Mixed Rice
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A balanced diet and definitely very value for money! Spoil yourself with our huge range of cooked vegetables, fish and meat choices!
2.4 44 votes Heavenly Wang (Halal)
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Wang Café has been serving popular breakfast favourites since 1953 with its signature aromatic brew of kopi and fragrant toasted bread of Wang Café kaya. This traditional flavour has won a huge following of faithful customers who return daily for their favourite cuppa. For customers looking for more hearty dishes, Wang Café serves an extended menu of tasty local delights such as mee siam, laksa and mee rebus. Today, Wang Café has become a household name that is synonymous with authentic Singapore feel and flavours. Make yourself at home at Wang. Set in a warm, nostalgic ambience, customers can sit back, relax and reminisce the good old times.
2.4 45 votes Thunder Tea Rice
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Guilt-free goodness! Influenced by the health-conscious era in this modern day and with a huge love for food, Mr Lim sets out to start his Thunder Tea Rice business in March 2015. Mr Lim is passionate about experimenting and coming up with his own recipe - he is his own chef! At Foodfare @ MBFC, he offers the option of brown rice with no extra charge and is also the first in the market to use chicken breast in this dish!