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The Clementi Mall (Food Court)

Foodfare @ The Clementi Mall is a very family-friendly food court which has a parents' room, a family dining area with lower tables and chairs for kids, kid-sized meals and a breast-feeding room for mums.

Address: 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #04-20/22, The Clementi Mall, Singapore 129588
Operating Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm

Stalls Description
1.9 80 votes Japanese Curry
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King Kong Curry serves up Japanese curry dishes such as chicken katsu curry, ebi tempura and chicken karaage omelette rice. Satisfy your tummies with a full hearty meal today!
2.0 106 votes Korean Cuisine
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Indulge in a wide variety of Korean dishes; Diners get to pick from a variety of entrées of BBQ fish, beef or chicken which comes with a couple of sides. Combo plates, soups and side orders are also available.
2.0 66 votes Mini Wok
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Mini Wok serves up a variety of zi char dishes such as crowd-favourite Salted Egg Chicken, Hainanese Curry Chicken Rice and Cereal Prawn Rice. Be sure to check this stall out when you're here!
1.3 48 votes Chang Cheng Mixed Rice
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Offering a tasty spread of stir-fried, stewed, deep-fried and steamed dishes, including meat, vegetables, eggs and tofu, customers will be spoilt for choice when choosing the dishes to complement a plate of steamed white rice.
1.6 51 votes Ban Mian
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Savour the unique taste of handmade noodles here! Take your pick from the various dishes available here such as Ban Mian and Mala Seafood Ban Mian. You will also find Minced Meat with Century Egg Brown Rice Congee here!
1.6 65 votes Coming Soon!
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1.6 60 votes Claybowl Rice
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Gao Ji's Clay Bowl Rice aims to bring to you authentic and traditional Cantonese home-style delicacies that are steamed against a bed of fragrant white rice in a clay bowl. What's more, you will find a variety of traditional steamed soup to pair with your choice of steamed rice dish!
1.5 59 votes Japanese Cuisine
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Colourful Bento sets are a feast for the eyes and for the stomach too. The seafood and meats are marinated with delectable seasonings and grilled to perfection.
1.8 73 votes Putian Cuisine
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Putian Cuisine serves a delectable spread of authentic Heng Hwa dishes such as white Lor Mee and Mee Sua.
2.1 66 votes Mala Xiang Guo
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The hotpot dishes here feature a medley of vegetables, seafood, meat or mushrooms - all cooked to perfection!
1.4 50 votes Fish Soup
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Highly nutritious Fish Soup to widen your smile, not your waistline. Come enjoy our home-cooked style recipes today!
2.0 221 votes Pepper Lunch Express
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At Pepper Lunch Express, you will be served the freshest beef, chicken or salmon on a sizzling hot plate. With a D-I-Y concept, you can enjoy tasty Pepper Rice dishes and Steak dishes just the way you like it.
2.1 63 votes Drinks Stall
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A selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks, including NTUC Breakfast Set.
2.4 48 votes Yong Tau Foo
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You'll be spoilt for choice with the amazing spread of Yong Tau Foo items at Ah Lim's Yong Tau Foo! Have your dish just the way you want it - dry or with soup, with noodles or rice - the possibilities are endless!
3.9 63 votes Local Delights
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This stall has everything that Singaporean have come to know and love - and even more! From Fried Carrot Cake full of yummy goodness to crayfish hokkien mee which will leave you wanting more, this stall's menu offerings are a must-try!
3.0 7 votes Chinese Cuisine
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Savour the original taste of Chinese dishes such as Chong Qing Noodles, Beijing Minced Pork Noodles and Tomato Egg Noodles.
1.9 13 votes Western Cuisine
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Satisfy your craving with something different! Our yummy-licious Western delights will excite and leave you wanting for more!