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Anchorvale 308 (Coffee Shop)

Residents like Foodfare @ Anchorvale due to its convenient location and trendy ambience. The variety of Vegetarian, Malay, and Chinese meal options, and also the desserts selection offered here attract them to this friendly neighbourhood coffee shop.

Coffee Shop aficionados would totally love this casual coffee shop which serves Foodfare’s Legendary Breakfast consisting of 2 eggs, 2 slices of Kaya and Butter Toast and a cup of aromatic and full-bodied coffee at the best price in Singapore. 

Address: Blk 308, Anchorvale Road, #01-07, Singapore 540308
Operating Hours: 7.00am - 11.00pm

Stalls Description
2.0 55 votes Mr Koh’s Vegetarian Cuisine
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Vegetarians and non vegetarians alike will find Mr Koh’s cuisine both tasty and nutritious.
1.4 16 votes Ms Chng’s Roasted Chicken
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Crispy Roasted Chicken rice and noodles, Soya Sauce Chicken Noodles and Chicken Hor Fun and Dumpling Noodles are Ms Chng’s specialties.
2.3 19 votes Mr Goh’s Fish Soup
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Rainy days or not customers head to Mr Goh’s Teochew styled Fish Soup to brighten up their moods.
1.7 10 votes Mr Loh’s Mini Wok Noodle
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Mr Loh’s Mini Wok Noodles keeps his regular customers coming for more as it reminds them of Singapore's traditional and rich food heritage.
1.8 9 votes Champor Champor Exotic Food
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Champor Champor, which is also a malay term for mix and match, offers a full menu of traditional malay favourites such as chicken curry, beef redang for those who like their food hearty and spicy.
1.9 17 votes Mdm Gao’s Mixed Vegetable Rice
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Mdm Gao’s is the place where folks go for a quick and good meal of vegetables, meat and rice.
2.1 17 votes Ms Yeo’s Desserts
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Why not try Ms Yeo’s tempting selection of homemade local Desserts?
1.3 13 votes Drink Stall
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Hot and Cold Beverages.